samedi 17 septembre 2011

Le Lapin Blanc d'Alice

Hello amis visiteurs du blog,
Dernièrement j'ai fais une retouche sur une de mes illustrations. 
J'ai repris la tête de mon lapin blanc dans ma version d'Alice.
C'est la première fois que cela m'arrive, en plus c'est une illu finie depuis longtemps.
Du coup j’ai rajouté deux trois petites choses par-ci par-là.
Je vous montre ce que cela donne.

Hello friends visitor's blog,
Recently I did a touch up on one of my illustrations.
I remade the head of my white rabbit in my version of Alice.
This is the first time it happens, and this illustration was made one year ago.
So I add two or three small things here and there.
I show you what it is now.

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wren a dit…

I thought I left a comment from before about how much I love this illustration - anyway - I LOVE this piece. It is so rich and there is so much detail.

Marine a dit…

Thank you Wren :)
in fact, now, I see only the things that I could have made differently. That's why I remade the head of the rabbit. After few time, I realised that it did not fit to the white rabbit's head. And in the same way, I wanted to know if I had the capacity to remade details or forms on a watercolor, without that doesn't be visible, without destroyed the painting and the drawing. The result is good, I'am glad, on the original painting, we don't see any rectif... excepting the nose sticking above ^^, but it's good.
I let the link here to see the prime version of the illustration.

Dam Ferreira a dit…


Marine a dit…

Thank you Dam !

helfspawn a dit…

Yep, sympa l'aquarelle, même si par défaut ce n'est pas le type d’œuvre que j'affectionne, là avec le niveau de détails, ça passe super bien, bravo :)